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Meet Jota Rosario


Born in the South, living in the North, Jota Rosario is an abstract artist and designer, known for her vibrant colour palettes and dynamic compositions. Her pieces are charged with a tremendous amount of energy, a hallmark that’s impossible to miss, bringing life to every space they touch.

Jota’s artistic journey began back in 2004 when she had a severe episode of anxiety. After trying different ways to reduce her anxiety, she found calm and peace in art. Art, in any form, became her refuge and remedy, providing comfort and healing. She firmly believes in the transformative power of art, considering it a force so potent that it should be an integral part of everyone’s life.

In 2015, Jota Rosario moved from sunny Venezuela to Toronto, facing one of the toughest transitions in her life. She left behind her sun-soaked hometown, where she had spent most of her days outdoors, and found herself in the midst of long and unforgiving Canadian winters.

During these challenging times, she sought indoor activities to combat the sadness of weeks without sunshine. Once again, art came to her rescue. It not only brightened her grey days but also forged a deep connection between her and Canada. One of her favourite painters, Norval Morrisseau, played a significant role in this connection.

Jota’s creative process is all about finding happiness by mixing various colours, shapes, and using unique tools and brushes. Her paintings reflect her inner thoughts and what brings her joy. She’s particularly drawn to the unpredictable nature of abstract art, where she can release control and let the paint flow freely.

Her work has been exhibited in local art shows and galleries, and she has a growing collector base in Canada and around the world. 

Jota Rosario, the artist who found beauty in winter, remains committed to her mission: to share joy, happiness, and a meaningful connection with all who encounter her art. Through her art, she seeks to create a shared language that unites individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, reminding us all of the universal power of creativity and expression.

“Art: a soul-repairing magic”